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Corporate Team Building Programme

Research has shown that the emotional intelligence of an individual is often more of an accurate predictor of success than their IQ.

Regardless of intellectual intelligence, it appears success is still influenced by how successfully an individual can communicate their ideas to others and interact with their peers. Furthermore, in recent studies a positive relationship has been found between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction.

Our Corporate Team Building Programme in London provides dynamic tools to increase self awareness, emotional intelligence and relationship management. Not only does our programme increase team spirit and improve cohesion but it also encourages freedom of expression. This leads to greater levels of creativity, confidence, self esteem and productivity from all participants.

The work done in our corporate team building programmes are specific to exploring the individual and unique talent of each team member.

Your Corporate Team Building Facilitator

With degrees in Business Studies and Psychology, and successful careers in the City of London and Harley Street, James has extensive experience of working with award winning figures and organisations in the entertainment industry, FTSE 100 chairmen and CEOs, top sports organisations and governing bodies.

James retrained and went on to graduate from The Oxford School of Drama and Eric Morris’ Actors Workshop in Los Angeles. He has since worked with The Old Vic and Royal Shakespeare Company as well as representing various global brands including T-Mobile, Allianz, TUI Group, Skoda and Tide.

Format & Pricing

Our Corporate Team Building Programme is run as a dynamic and interactive workshop. Participants are encouraged to join in with group discussions, demonstrations and practical experiences.

The techniques, strategies and skills provided are all available to take away and participants will have the chance to explore them within the structure of the programme. All materials are provided by Be the Actor Within and during each programme there are plentiful opportunities for questions and answers to ensure participants finish the programme feeling knowledgable and empowered.

Be the Actor Within’s Corporate Team Building Programme is ideal for four to eight participants per workshop, but can accommodate up to 12 people.

Format One

(3.5 hour programme plus short break)

£3,500 + VAT

Format Two

(7 hour programme plus breaks)

£4,500 + VAT

Format Three

(3 hour workshop plus 4 hour coaching of eight 30 minute one-on-one sessions)

£5,500 + VAT

Format Four

Six to eight week mini programme (90 – 120 minute workshop)

Please contact for a bespoke quote


We work on-site with the majority of our clients but where required we are happy to provide the use of our own facilities. If you do require the use of one of our venues the following additional costs are applicable:
£350.00 – half day programme

£500.00 – full day programme

To find out more please contact us by email
at or call 020 8242 4393
to arrange an informal visit or a free demonstration at your workplace.

What our students say

  • London Actor Courses

    During the acting workshop we learn to look within and sense how to use our experiences and emotions to play a theatrical role that is genuine and memorable. James helps people relate to others, to better understand friends, colleagues, even strangers. Of course these are not just acting skills, they are life skills. He guides people with humour, empathy and direction, always building people up, never tearing them down.

  • Acting Courses London

    An intense acting class in a supportive environment that helps you to express truthfully the emotion and intent behind the words of any script or text you wish to focus on. A brilliant, challenging and very rewarding experience and highly recommended for those who wish to push their careers to the next level.

  • London Acting Class

    James ensures all of his students receive honest constructive feedback combined with dramatic exercises which further and deepen an understanding of the dramatic process in a safe and understanding place. I personally have gained an understanding of both myself and of a performance technique which I can apply to a range of situations. James gets real results very quickly with this approach, and the acting classes are interesting, moving, funny and often challenging!



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